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Custom Nesting Dolls

Project: Source custom nesting dolls; 7 total dolls with the largest being approximately 10", within 5 weeks, and right before a major US holiday.



  1. Each Doll needed to be 100% hand-painted

  2. Normal Nesting dolls have 5 dolls within the set

  3. Normal Nesting dolls start at 6" in height

  4. The quantity was below traditional methods of custom sourcing leaving only Russia direct as our option

  5. The timeframe from start to finish was 5 weeks.


Solution: We sourced a Russian nesting doll manufacturer who was able to accommodate the quantities per set to size and completely custom painted.


Outcome: The client received 10 full sets of custom-sized and painted nesting dolls two weeks ahead of schedule and below the anticipated budget.  

The client was so happy that they have since re-ordered 3 times.

Rush T-Shirts

Project: 'Can You Fix This!!!'


Background: We were asked to save a near impossible ask. The project included a 2-sided imprint with one of the logos being a 10 PMS color lockup (actual logos not shown).



  1. Find 10K blank yellow t-shirts

  2. Logos must PMS color match which means we needed to work with a printer that had a 10 head print machine (there are only 2 in the tri-state area)

  3. Timeframe: 40hrs from order to event start


Solution: We rented a U-Haul, drove from CT to a t-shirt warehouse in PA to pickup 10K blank t-shirts. We drove back to the printer who had staff waiting. After being on-press for 12 hours, we finished the job. We packed up the truck and drove 6 hours arriving 30 minutes prior to the event start.


Outcome: The CEO, event organizer and brand managers received the shirts ontime. The project manager looked like a rockstar. 

Cinco Sweepstakes

Project: Help create a memorable party kit to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a 'Spice up their Cinco' theme.


Encompassing Feel: Embody the ultimate authentic celebration that loyalists would be proud to share via social media.



  1. Create a custom guitar case for less than 500 units

  2. Engineer a layout to fit all elements inside a custom guitar case and withstand UPS shipping without breakage.

  3. Pick, pack and individually drop ship to clients prior to Cinco de Mayo


Custom Items Included: 

  • branded ceramic serving platter

  • copper drink shaker

  • cork coasters - set of 4

  • wooden rimmer

  • JBL wireless speaker

  • table runner

  • custom wrapped guitar case


Outcome: Success! All winners were delivered completed kits prior to May 3rd allowing them to Spice up their Cinco Party!

36-hr Keepsake

Project: Requested to find a unique keepsake to thank their client for the amazing working relationship while they transition to a new position. One idea was a custom watch w/ laser engraved face, custom strap, watch hands and a laser engraved casing. 


Challenge: Create, complete, and deliver the project within 36 hours prior to the Christmas holiday break.


Solution: We sourced a small, up-incoming US-based business working through the night (10:00 pm to 3:00 am) making sure the engraving turned out perfectly before assembling and sending the watch across the country.  

Outcome: Watch arrived by 10:30 am in NYC, just hours before the meeting and brought tears to the team when presented!

“I've got nothing to do today but smile.” 
― Simon and Garfunkel

On-Premise Barrel

Project: Manufacture a permanent, on-premise housing that would hold a 5L Bag N' Box product to be given to leading market bars and restaurants.



  1. Engineer a barrel that is true to the brand

  2. Create an internal compartment that wouldn't puncture the bag

  3. Must be gravity fed

  4. Should be semi-insulated

  5. Include a piece to hold bag spigot in place. 


Solution: We worked closely with a US-based wine barrel manufacturer creating a mini-barrel with custom base each being PMS color patched and decals being adhered to meet brand standards.

Outcome: We hand-assembled each barrel and base ensuring that the bar owners had an easy to assemble, on-premise barrel that would support the 5L bags of product ready to distribute to customers quickly and easily.

The client had a 100% satisfaction rating with those selected accounts.

Why Us

Onward & Upward Promotions works with some of the top brands and agencies in the US helping to create some of the most amazing and well-recognized promotions globally. Due to confidentiality, we are only able to share a few projects. Take a look.


We look forward to creating something unique and special for your brand.

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